Strategy and purpose

At Connect Group, we are working to integrate our business capabilities, providing a seamless offer for customers, which leverages our strengths in early distribution and mixed freight. To help us on this journey we have a clear sense of purpose - we go further to make deliveries easier and earlier.

The Group already has impressive distribution capability: our specialist networks, supporting infrastructure and embedded skills are what differentiate us from less focused competitors.

The move to an integrated businesses model will leverage these strengths, transforming the scope and reach of our customer propositions as much as the efficiency and structure of our physical operations.

Network capability

The integration will unlock efficiencies and provide capacity for growth. The 76 distribution centres of Smiths News and Tuffnells serve overlapping territories, operating with similar processes and hours of business. Service and efficiency will drive progress, taking full account of our capability and its match to customer needs. Ongoing review will identify where investment in new and improved facilities can unlock further efficiencies and increase our capacity for growth.

Central efficiencies

A single business structure will unlock efficiencies in leadership, central support services and operational structures. Systems and process can be aligned with a relentless focus on cost and service, and underpinned by our experience and expertise in driving continual improvement

Customer propositions and service

The integration will create opportunities by leveraging the reach, density and time sensitivity of our combined operations. Working as one business will strengthen our capabilities in both early morning and mixed freight distribution. Already we are bringing new and exciting propositions to market, in both the business to business, and business to consumer markets.

Our role and purpose for customers is central to the integration – we focus all our efforts on going further to make their deliveries easier and earlier.

Mark Cashmore
Chief Executive Officer

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