Mergers, Acquisitions and Offerings

Information on our mergers, acquisitions and offerings.

Rights Issue and Acquisition of The Big Green Parcel Holding Company Limited - Prospectus/Circular and ancillaries

Prospectus/Circular and notice of meeting posted 12 November 2014. Click here to access this documentation.

Acquisitions and Offerings in 2013

Date Title PDF
21.01.2013 Acquisition of Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel B.V. - press release
17.04.2013 Acquisition of Blackwell's Contracts - press release

Acquisitions and Offerings in 2012

Date Title PDF
24.04.2012 Acquisition of The Consortium - Press release
14.06.2012 Acquisition of Houtschild Internationale Boekhandel B.V. - press release

Acquisition of Dawson Holdings PLC - offer document and ancillaries

Offer document and ancillaries posted 1 July 2011. Click here to access these documents.

Date Title PDF
07.06.2011 Acquisition of Dawson Holdings PLC - press release
07.06.2011 Presentation by Mark Cashmore on Dawson Holdings PLC acquisition

Investor Contact

For all enquiries concerning Investor Relations, please contact:

David Bauernfeind
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 01793 563638

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