Markets and companies

Our networks are focused on serving high drop density early morning deliveries, and the demands of mixed and irregular sized freight nationwide.

We focus on these two markets, leveraging our skills and infrastructure to add value for clients and customers.

364days a year - delivering every day but Christmas

46mnewspapers and magazines delivered each week

Smiths News, the UK’s largest news wholesaler reaches more than 27,000 retailers across England and Wales. Operating seven days a week, we deliver supplies, collect and process returns and use technology to forecast demand and manage products efficiently. Serving a fixed but fragmented customer base, the density of our coverage is unprecedented and the speed of turnaround is critical to one of the world’s fastest physical supply chains.

Pass My Parcel’s ‘click & collect’ services leverage our combined networks to provide efficient solutions for leading online and high street retailers. In this growing market, we have the infrastructure and know-how to reach customers overnight or even faster, using integrated technology that links directly to clients. Our network of parcel shops provides national consumer reach to send, collect or return parcels. Bespoke services for larger clients, serving their early morning and instore requirements are a recent development in this rapidly evolving sector.

DMD serves the needs of airlines and travel points in the UK and worldwide, supplying printed and digital media. Delivering to strict time windows with security accreditation, we are one of the world’s leading providers in this specialist sector.

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4,700UK customers

10.2mannual parcel deliveries

Tuffnells is a leading specialist in mixed and irregular freight, serving 4,700 small and medium-sized enterprises across the UK. Whether it’s a parcel or a pallet load, we have easy solutions for the deliveries that others find difficult to make. With a mix of local and national clients the Tuffnells network completes up to 75,000 daily drops, offering a range of timed deliveries that complements our capability in early distribution.

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