Governance & Stakeholders

Corporate responsibility is owned by everyone at Connect Group and every single colleague is encouraged to play a part in reaching our goals.

The Board and Executive Leadership Team take a proactive role in measuring performance in corporate responsibility and in outlining a strategy and annual goals for the Company as a whole. This ensures commitment at the highest level of the organisation, and through the cascade of information and goals, gives everyone a clear understanding of what is expected of them as part of our culture of acting responsibly.

The Executive Leadership Team reviews progress on a regular basis to identify areas of concern, highlight achievements, and share ideas.  The Board is updated on matters as they arise, and at least once a full review of corporate responsibility is considered in detail.

Much of the Corporate Responsibility work is carried out through the businesses, with cross functional working groups, taking responsibility for particular areas and bringing projects to fruition.  Where helpful, these are supported by subject specialists in areas such as Health & Safety and environmental management.

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